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Report on Arran Walks
Saturday 15th July 2006

Coire-Fhionn Lochan
The day started off well with Anne, Peter, Helen and myself doing the 100 metre dash to buy tickets and make the 7am ferry (much to the amusement of the other, more punctual members of the club who were already aboard!) Conversation was sparse among some members given the unearthly hour and the fact that some had spent the previous night in the pub and other are just not morning people! It was already hot and promising to be a great day…

Jacqui, Peter, Helen, Anne and myself waved the others ‘Bon Voyage’ at Corrie and sat aboard the Stagecoach(express!) as it bounced over the road to Thunderguy. We set off at about 9.20, promising a nice, easy pace and no sprinting. The path has been much improved from the last I remembered and we reached the lochan at 10.05 – honestly!!! We had a bite to eat (it didn’t seem that long since I had breakfast on the boat-but then it wasn’t!) and then we had a wee snooze….zzzzz….

We then headed up and round the ridge and enjoyed glorious 360 degree views of Arran and the surrounding area, it was spectacular, awe-inspiring, wonderful and every other adjective you can think of (I’m on holiday and can’t think of any more!)  Lunch (more food?) was enjoyed just below the ridge, Jacqui had the munchies! The ridge walk adds about 2 ½ hours onto the day but is well worth and not too strenuous.

We had another break on our return to the lochan and then enjoyed a leisurely descent to the bus stop where we discovered the trials and tribulations of public transport on Arran. We had to wait an hour (we will time things better next time) and then had to go all round the south of the island before returning to Brodick where we met up with the others and enjoyed a wee refreshment in the McLaren before catching the last ferry to Ardrossan.

It was a great day, good company and wonderful walking, thanks to all who came!

Pat Taylor

After an early rise we caught the 7am ferry to Brodick and had breakfast onboard as by this time we had wakened up. We all headed for the bus and Alison, Kevin, Ryan and myself got off at Corrie as planned with Pat, Peter, Helen, Jacqui and Anne staying on till Thunderguy.

It was a perfect day for Kevin's first time on Arran and he certainly was seeing it at it's best. We took our time heading up the path from Corrie to North Goatfell. Along the way we spotted a herd of deer on the hillside which thrilled Ryan.

When we reached the bealach both Ryan and Kevin were in awe of the magnificent views across to the Witches Step, The Castles and the Three Beinns. We bypassed the Stachach Ridge and onto Goatfell. On the path from Corrie we hadn't met a soul but Goatfell was busy with hundreds coming up the tourist path wearing all sorts of inappropriate clothing and many not even carrying a rucksack or water in this heatwave! We headed down the tourist route and had a well deserved drink in the Wineport at the bottom.

We then headed along to sit outside the McLaren's Hotel in the sun until it was time for the last ferry. A good day was had by all with Kevin and Ryan seeming to have the hillwalking bug now!

Irene Cahill

Enjoying the sunshine high up on the ridge.
Ryan with the Castles and Witches Step in the background
Ryan with Chir Mhor to the right and The Castles further right.
View from summit of Goatfell
  Looking down to Brodick Bay, Lamlash Bay and Holy Isle. On Goatfell Summit with Beinn Nuis, Tarsuinn and a'Chliaibhain behind.  

Photos: Irene Cahill


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