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Report on Arran Weekend
Friday 23 - Sunday 25th April 2004

Corrien Lochan - Saturday 24th April 2004
Six of us (Diren, Irene, Ewan, Carol, Aileen and me) took part in the walk to Corrien Lochain.  The weather was dry and relatively mild.

The navigational skills of Irene were not required when we were led up the hill by 'Fly' the friendly Border Collie. Sacraficing our packed lunch was the least we could do in return for such an excellent tour guide.

Lunch no.1 at the stony beach of the loch.  Such a beautiful location and an opportunity for Ewan to bond with 'Fly'.  We began our climb to the top and a number of discussions on conspiracy theories and the after life, it was time for lunch no.2 at the top.  Very windy here so we began our walk along the ridge rewarded by the breathtaking scenery surrounding us, guided all the way by 'Fly'.  A few other walkers were close by.  Would he abandon us for a fresher packed lunch?  Phew!  No!  He remained loyal.

We reached the bottom and Fly left our company in preference for, would you believe, a few sheep.  On meeting with his elderly crutch dependent owner, we discover we may just have been conned out of food and a free dog walking service.

This was, however no cost after such a smashing walk.

Maureen Powell

Fly and Friend!!

Photos: Irene Cahill

North Goatfell, the Stacach, Goat Fell - Saturday 24th April 2004
After the sampling the local hospitality onboard the evening ferry Gillian, Julie and I arrived safely only to find out that an early rise was required for the 3 tops walk on the Saturday morning.  The plan was a 6.30 rise (ha
ha) to get the 7.20 bus (HA HA) to meet the early ferry. We decided (when we had stopped hyperventilating) that this was just too much for us.  Plan B was quickly assembled.  We would have a long-ish lie and then a
leisurely breakfast before making any rash plans.  True to form we let the early birds get up and get away as we turned over and had another wee kip.  After the cottage had cleared we had another cup of tea and decided to take the bus to High Corrie and walk up the glen, up the hill at the end (nothing too technical here) , up to North Goatfell and across to Goatfell before a leisurely descent into Brodick and the pub.  We had reasonably good weather, loads of laughs and put the world to rights about a few things.  Deep and meaningful discussions abounded and before the mist could rise we were up at North Goatfell.  We met a foursome from Glenmore and we all went across the Stachach Ridge.  It was quite misty so we couldn't see much.  We did send Julie over an edge and, looking for a foothold, she got her boot stuck.  Gillian and I were treated to the sight of Julie hanging on like some wee carton character,shouting furiously and banging her fists!  Luckily the Knight in Shining Armour from Glenmore managed to free her!  The mist had cleared by the time we got to Goatfell and we enjoyed a leisurely lunch and a wee bottle of wine in very pleasant sunshine. We did a quick sprint down the hill and into the Arran Hotel in Brodick where we consumed more alcohol.
We had a great day and some good laughs!

Pat Taylor

Pat on Stacach Ridge
Pat and Gillian on Stacach Ridge

Photos:  John McPartlin - Glasgow Glenmore Club

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