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Report on Beinn Taoig & Stob a’ Choire Odhair, Black Mount
Saturday 10th June 2006

The pull of a few hot sunny days coupled with the first World Cup weekend meant the hills of the Black Mount were particularly quiet on Saturday.    Nita and I had the hill to ourselves once we’d left the WHW and saw no-one until we reached the summit of Stob a’ Choire Odhair.

After hearing of Jacqui’s experience in the sun the previous weekend we’d headed for Tesco on Friday evening to get some factor 50.  We were glad of it too.  By the time we left the car at Victoria Bridge, the sun was already very strong and the hills around were hazy and hot. 

We were quite glad to get free of the hard and rough WHW and didn’t envy the few people we’d seen who were plodding along carrying huge rucksacks in the direction of Kinlochleven.  Our route now took us away from the WHW and across the edge of the moor land, crossing over the old military road, before starting to gain height as we neared the steeper flanks of Beinn Toaig.  The ground which is normally very wet was dry and soft to walk on and with a fairly strong wind blowing to keep both heat and midges in check, we realised it was going to be a great day.

As there was no rush, we stopped and sat in the sun on several occasions as we climbed onto the broad stony ridge that leads to Beinn Toaig.  At this stage the views got even more extensive and we got our first sight of Stob a’ Choire Odhair, (the two previous occasions we’d been to this hill it had been cold, wet and cloudy).  Once on the ridge it’s a gentle rise over grass, small crags and stones to the cairn marking the summit.

Another 45 minutes of lazing in the sun were to follow.  Stob Ghabhar, (still with a few patches of snow on it) looked very good and well worth a visit on another day.  Eventually we dragged ourselves to our feet and headed off for the final steep haul up to the summit of Stob a’ Choire Odhair.   It’s a rock and boulder strewn top with great views and as it was still only about 2 pm we decided to have another sit in the sun.

The descent into the glen was, even for me, a quick and easy one, first down a broad easy angled ridge of grass and stones, then steeply down a more defined grassy ridge to meet the main path in the glen.  At this point, being sheltered from much of the breeze, the real heat of the day arrived.  We were glad to get away from the hills a little as the path led to more open ground and then followed the river back to Victoria Bridge. It was a beautiful walk out though and made a pleasant end to a very good day on the hills.  The beer in the fridge at home was calling …..!

Keith Salmon

Loch Tulla
it's a long way up
we're no goin up there are we ?
flattened drystane dyke
Stob Ghabhar
nice hat
what goes up ......
where's the pub ????

Photos: Keith Salmon

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