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Report on Ben an Dothaidh
Saturday 27th January 2006

Carol-Ann, Mick, Michael and Maureen arrived at the Green Welly Shop to drag Alan and myself out – we were making the most of a Niamh free day and enjoying a peaceful coffee and read of the paper. However, nagged by Maureen who informed us that we were going to be late for Mike (a potential member) who would be waiting for us at Bridge of Orchy station we quickly drank our coffee and left.

At 9.45 (only 15 minutes late!!) we set off. There was some blue sky but clouds obscured the tops.
After about an hour we had to stop and build a snowman.

On completion of the snowman we headed off to the saddle between Ben An Dothaid and Ben Dorian. At this point the wind really got up. One basic rule of mountaineering being that in the wind you secure all your property well. Six of us managed this but not Michael. First we watched his glove take off and fly away into the distance, followed half an hour later by his map. Moral of this story – men are unable to learn from their mistakes.

We reached the summit as a mountain hare splendid in its winter coat hopped past us – Maureen expressed surprise and commented that it was a funny place to see a bunny!!

The summit was cloudy, cold and windy, so we made a quick exit and dropped down a little way before Mick got out his erection for lunch. A group of folk came over to admire it and one of their party who was struggling asked if he could shelter with us while the rest went on up to the top. Well, he came in, lasted seconds – taking one look at us all he made a quick exit exclaiming that his energy had suddenly come back and he would be able to make it to the top after all!!

We ate lunch with everyone who wasn’t a Michael sitting next to a Michael. After lunch Mick packed away his erection and we put on waterproofs for some serious tobogganing.

Alan retrieved Mikes water bottle lost on the way up but Michaels map and glove were lost to the wilds of Glen Orchy.

We regrouped in the pub for our customary drink or six (well Alan and Mick were there!).

Thanks to our organiser Maureen for another great day but I would like some views next time!


Alan's Snowman
Ben An Dothaidh
Ben An Dothaidh
Ben An Dothaidh
Ben An Dothaidh
Ben An Dothaidh  

Photos: Kathryn Gaffney and Mike Campbell

Affiliated to:

Mountaineering Council of Scotland
Scottish Youth Hostels Association

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