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Report on Ben Ime and The Cobbler
Saturday 5th August 2006

Roll call for today:- Alan, Kathryn, Niamh, Michael, Carolann, Anne, Maureen, Debbie, Ryan and Irene.

We left the carpark around 10am and the weather seemed fine although the cloud base was low. It was hot and clammy which was a good excuse for Alan as the sweat was dripping off his face even though we all know it was due to carrying Niamh who is now nearly 10 months old. The ascent was uneventful except for the poor embarrassed guy who jumped out of the way of Alan and Niamh and headbutted the Narnain Boulders giving himself a bloody nose.

We met up with a chap called Ian and his 7 year old daughter Jan who joined us for the rest of the walk. We reached the part where the paths from The Cobbler, Beinn Narnain and Beinn Ime met. By this time we were in heavy drizzle and Niamh was needing her lunch so Alan and Kathryn went back looking for somewhere more sheltered. As the visibility was so poor and it was miserable we all decided to head up The Cobbler and leave Beinn Ime for another day. After a quick lunch sheltering against the rocks we headed back down as the pub was calling.

So we didn't see anything today but it was still better than sitting at home doing nothing!

Irene Cahill

Watching Ryan
Niamh wonders what kind of nutters have taken her out today !
Ryan on the Cobble's South Summit
Man in black.
Hillwalking - apparently a great way to see wonderful views - not today.
Hey ugly, are you taking a photo of me ?


Photos: Irene Cahill and Michael Nicol

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Mountaineering Council of Scotland
Scottish Youth Hostels Association

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