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Ben Vane, Arrochar Alps
Sunday 19 October 2003

This report was a joint effort by all those who were walking today and written in the pub.

Car 1
Kathryn arrived at Alison’s at 8.20 am to find her on the phone to Jacqui who had wimped out after the weather report was too bad. This then lead to 15 minutes of constant whinging from Alison, “I’m not going”, “I’ll get the bus home”, “I’ve too much to do at home” etc, etc, etc.  Collected Michael and Carol-Ann and then the atmosphere improved and optimism returned.

Car 2
Stephen and Caroline collected Irene at 8.20 am and there was no moaning (but they didn’t have Alison).

Met up at Inveruglas car park at 9.40 am. Lovely toilets but no mirrors. We were on our way by 9.50 am.

Not a good start, Kathryn forgot to turn up the hill, so cross country to find the path. Then Irene did an Alan with her trousers ( for those who don’t know what an Alan is, well it’s ripping her trousers from the crotch to the calf). Unlike Alan who is decent and modest and put on his waterproof trousers when this happened to him, Madam Irene (brazen hussy) continued up the hill flashing her thigh to any passerby. No wonder no-one spoke to us all day!!!

As the climb progressed, the sun came out but the wind got up temperature plummeted. Us girls couldn’t wait for Michael to get out his ‘erection’. At the top in 3 hours with fabulous views but the wind was bitterly cold. This make Michael’s ‘erection’ a necessity!!! What a sight it was!!! We ate lunch in the ‘erection’ and it was warm, cosy and comfortable. We all bonded after spending 45 minutes tightly packed together. When we emerged it must have been a sight for two guys who were eating their lunch and laughing at us especially as there were 5 women (one with ripped trousers) and 2 guys.

A quick decent, the sun was out and it was slightly warmer. The views were spectacular and we could see for miles. Reached the bottom and took the customary team photo during which Stephen stepped back after setting up the camera and nearly lost his life by losing is footing and dangled down a 20 foot drop (Ok maybe we are exaggerating a little).

All safe in the pub by 5 pm. Irene doesn’t drink – she juggles half pints of lager and soaked us all.

For details of Michael’s ‘erection’ please see the photos below.

To view his ‘erection’, click on the appropriate photos.


In Michael's Erection Michael's erection
Photos Irene Cahill

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