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Report on Byne Hill Walk
Sunday 13th March 2005

This was almost the Walk that Never Was - taking part were Anne Holt, Anne McGuire, Irene, Jacqui, Alison,Kathryn and the well outnumbered John. The walk starts from Girvan Cemetery and through Brochneil farm, requiring us to cross a mucky field too full of cows and calves for our comfort - we walked round about it and debated it and looked for a way round it and then took the bull by the horns so to speak and crossed with no real opposition from the cows.

Next was a fairly steep ascent of Byne Hill followed by Mains Hill by way of a not terribly impressive monument to Colonel A.C.B Craufuird who performed some sort of service to Britain back in the mists of time. More impressive were the views of Ailsa Craig and different view of Arran seen looking north to the island. The day was fine but a little misty and any view of Ireland needed a good imagination. During lunch the walk leader gave a short monologue on the history of Ailsa Craig and a debate was held on such matters as the difference between sharks and dolphins and whether red squirrels need ladders to get up trees.

The next hill was Grey hill which also gave great views and then we descended to Loch Lochton. From here the rest of the walk was mainly on the flat apart from several rather undignified climbs over barbed wire fences, past Drumfairn Cottage [formerly a shepherd house but now derelict] and back to our old pals the Brochneil Farm coos. !

Anne McGuire

I'm no goin thru there !!
monumental obelisk in memory of Major A.C.B. Craufuird who served in H.M. Forces in India . He also took part in the landing at and capture of the Cape of Good Hope in 1795.
Fence Climbing Demo !!
Girvan in Background
Grey Hill summit
Fancy a pint in the Ram's Heed ?

Photos: Irene Cahill

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Mountaineering Council of Scotland
Scottish Youth Hostels Association

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