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Report on The Cobbler
Sunday 27th November 2005

While Irene was away doing the low level stuff I just had a look at the weather and decide there is snow about I'm getting up a hill.  Don't Know what it is about walking in the snow but it just makes you feel like a big kid as the photos will show.  We all set off Myself, Carol-Ann, Alison and a potential member Clare.  Carolann and I had dragged Clare up the cobbler before promising her a great day out and spectacular views but the Scottish weather done it best to put heed to that.  It was a miserable cloudy and we could not see more that 10 feet. Promising Clare we would get her back in good weather we set off on the Sunday.  Now Clare being new to this walking lark she is not used to dragging yourself out of a perfectly comfy bed at the weekend.  When we said what time we had to be away by Clare said that's practically the middle of the night for me on my weekends. So 8:00 sharp turned into 8:30 by the time she had come round - just as well she was the one driving.

Arriving at the Cobbler it looked as if there was very little snow to my disapointment.  But clear Sky's - lots and lots of "blue sky" - we set off up the new path very easy going.  We decided to take the route over the belach round the back of the cobbler for a change - rather than up the normal scramble.  Just as well because the wee dusting of snow turned out to be a more than that at close range with icy patches.  Going over the belach the view's opened up to provide some stunning view's of Ben Narnain and Ben eight (????) and beyond all covered in snow well worth the detour.  The Cobbler itself was crystal clear - best I have saw it myself -lots of great photos were taken with my new skills form my camera course.  Weather was great, not to cold, as very little wind apart from the women gas bagging all the way up.  On the summit spectacular views and watching some of they mad climber folks on various parts following us to the top.  Not in your nelly would you get me doing that with finger numbing temperatures but each to there own.

Once we had our lunch the wind picked up slightly and a chilling breeze made up pack up quickly and head back down.  Attempting to go back down the scramble I set off in front to asses the conditions thinking we would get down no problems.  I had not bargained on the ice, although we had crampons, not wanting to freak out the potential member we decided to go back the way we came.  Good decision as we make great time and beat the climbers down to the main track but they did over take us as I don't know what it is but the theory of women multitasking dose not come in to play when waking off a hill.  They seem to lose the ability to walk and talk at the same time.  Light fading we made It back to the pub for well earned drink and great food in Ben Arthur's bothy - the biggest portion of chicken gousions I have ever seen - I even gave some away and that's not an every day occurrence.  Well fed and contented we set off home with Clare as high as a kite on euphoria form her first clear day on the hills.

Michael Nicol


Photos: Michael Nicol

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Mountaineering Council of Scotland
Scottish Youth Hostels Association

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