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Report on Curved Ridge, Buachaille Etive Mor
22 September 2007

Peter's Report

There we were of again on another route, there was Micheal, Malcolm and myself, Peter. Off up the Curved Ridge HAHAHA, Curved Ridge my A#@e .

It was ok to begin with then for some unknown reason we were climbing up a gully with water pouring down over the rocks. So onward and upward we strove, things getting harder and harder I was knackered so we stopped for lunch. I was sitting on a ledge no more than 2 feet wide, God knows where the others were (behind and above somewhere in the rocks). After lunch we set off again only to run into a dead end up the gully without a rope so to speak. So what we did was we had a quick look about and decided the best route was to go back down and then traverse across a rather steep face and then climb up onto the top. As we descended my phone started ringing, at a most inopportune time as I was in the worst possible place, and it turned out it was Irene wondering where we were. So onward and upward we went to the top ,what a relief to get the “Curved Ridge “(I don’t think so), behind me, we eventually caught up with the rest of the group Irene, Bryon and Julie who took the tourist route up.

We ended the day in the Drovers for a drink on the way home.


Irene's Report

The plan was to go up the Curved Ridge on the Buachaille for those with a head for heights and the rest coming with myself up the tourist route.

After coffee and snacks in Tyndrum we made our way to Glencoe. We parked as far as we could go down the short track at Altnafeadh and thank goodness for 4WD. Just after the white club hut Peter, Michael, and Malcolm headed off quite confidently with a view to "conquer" the Curved Ridge. Julie, Bryon and myself decided in the more sensible route up Coire na Tulaich and we agreed that we would meet on the summit of Stob Dearg.

It was 8 or 9 years since I last climbed the Buachaille and all I could remember was that dreaded scree. What a pleasant change now as there is a path that leads over the boulder field to the right of the scree. With a easy scramble near the top of the corrie, it made the route more interesting. By this time we were in the clouds and nothing to see and it was rather windy making our way to Stob Dearg. The summit was cold but we kept adding layers on as wanted to wait and meet up with those two mad old codgers and their carer! We had lunch then suddenly the clouds cleared and the views were stunning. It was all worth it!

We just couldn't wait any longer and started to make our way back along the same route we had come. Peter returned my call, once he had a free hand! We knew they would be a wee while behind us so we ambled back down the corrie. Half way down we could see the 3 Amigos waving to us. Thankfully they were safe and sound. The question is will they tell Helen, Lydia and Cathy what their climb was really like.....I think not!

So we all had a great day, some more exhilarated than others. The big question is.....was this climb organised for Mark? Where was our esteemed Chairperson? Oh yes he was having a stroll up Slemish Hill in Northern Ireland!!!!


Approaching curved ridge
Rannoch Moor
It's not up there .... is it ?
Long Way Down
Long Way Down
Must be up here somewhere
Or is it down there ?
The hunt continues
Mountain Goat
Kingshouse Hotel
Rannoch Moor
Near the summit
See the carpark ?
The tourist path
Summit View
Summit View
Summit View
Summit View

Photos: Irene Cahill and Peter Reid

Affiliated to:

Mountaineering Council of Scotland
Scottish Youth Hostels Association

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