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Report on Dinner Dance

Well here we are again at this time of year - the Air Na Creagan's annual Christmas dinner dance.  After discussing the pros and cons of doing a walk and getting all hot, wet and smelly before the dinner dance, the general consensus was to meet in the pub late afternoon and forsake the draw of the hills to get blootered.
Not like us really as we are all determined mountaineers ,take that with as much salt as you like !

We met in the Rob Roy hotel some got there early to get up to speed with agenda for the day consuming as much alcohol as possible without interfering with the local wild life ( all will become apparent).  After a quick aperitif we set out to take to the local pubs for a pre-dinner drink - not the same as a wee G+T more like a gallon or two of beer and Smirnoff ice by the bottle for our delicate ladies or if you are Irene gallons of wine by the bottle.  Some of the party did actually manage a walk(Mick, Steve, Peter and Ewan) but only to the pub but the rest took the easy option of being ferried there in the Cahill mobil.

With the men glued to the football results, apart from Steve he was watching for some English team called Hull whoever they are, and the women discussing the downfall of another man to wedding bliss and whatever they talk about, we had a pool competition in the pub.  With blind peter and his partner losing miserably but all credit to Mr Gaffney and his partner Steve he obviously know a lot more about pool than football as they scudded everyone and were resounding champs.

Then back to the Rob Roy to beautify ourselves for the dinner dance after an average meal the fun started.   Allan with his customary head gear (cowboy hat this year), circulating it round the dance floor, and the dark horse Tommy managing to get the best looking waitress to sit on his knee - don't know how much it cost him.

mugs 1
mugs 2
dark horse Tommy!!!

The night took off for the dancing, swinging our kilts and even learning the slosh - always thought there was something effeminate about Stevie Browning the instigator of getting us up for the slosh .

Allan's hat went round everyone on the dance floor including the band who became quite attached to it.  

Allan trying it on - cowboy style
Country & Western Band????

We also met a lovely couple JOHN + CLARE CHAMBERS who were celebrating their ruby wedding - good luck for the next 40 Years from Air Na Creagan.  They must have wondered how so many edgits can get out in one night but I think they enjoyed their night laughing at the antics of us.
Congratualition to John & Clare Chambers
Congratulations to John and Clare Chambers

From then on we danced away to the end of the night and then retired to Mr Gaffney's room for a nightcap to find the local wildlife tucked up in bed waiting for him - think her name was Sheila.

Allan's companion !!
Time for a song..... Getting to know you ......


All turned up in various states of disarray for breakfast before heading home after another good weekend and dinner dance.

Michael Nicol


All Photos: Michael Nicol

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