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Report on Glen Finglas
Saturday 3rd June 2006

Agreed to meet at the new Glen Finglas carpark at 9.30am but Wendy (a potential new member) and I were left wondering where Gillian, Pat and Jacqui were. I should have known that they would have stopped in Aberfoyle to sample the local delicacies i.e. tea, rolls and pies. Eventually we started walking at 10.15am, the sun was out and we all had a spring in our step especially Harry (Gillian's faithful 4 legged friend). At this point we were not thinking of the 16 miles ahead!

Pat and I had done this walk twice before but on both occasions the weather was so poor we were keen to do it again to see what views we had missed. The views of the surrounding mountains and back towards Glen Finglas Reservoir were spectacular. The sun continued to beat down and the temperature was rising. Gillian was wearing a fleece having forgot to put on a top so she was baking. She also forgot Harry's lead, his food and water, her platypus and sandwiches but luckily she stocked up in Aberfoyle and phoned me before I left home to bring my dog's lead for her. When we reached the half way stage which is the highest point on the route at 600m, we just lay on the grass for ages nearly sleeping not thinking that we still had a few hours walk ahead.

The last couple of hours dragged in and I think only gravity got us back. Our feet and Harry's paws were on fire, Wendy had a blister and we were all starting to turn a bright shade of red with the sun. Jacqui had the most sunburn even though we had applied Factor 20 a few times throughout the day. Her legs looked as though she was wearing red leggings! Wendy, Jacqui and I got back to the car at 6.45pm with Pat, Gillian and Harry trailing 10 minutes behind us. We were all exhausted and agreed that it was harder work than climbing a Munro. We couldn't wait to get to the pub in Aberfoyle for refreshments before heading home. Wendy enjoyed her first outing with Air Na Creagan and hopefully we will see her again soon.


Gillian and Harry
Wendy and Pat
Jacqui, Gillian and Pat
Irene, Harry, Jacqui, Wendy, Gillian and Pat
I drink Volvic

Photos: Irene Cahill

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