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Report on Meall Corranaich/ Meall a Choire Leith
Saturday 2nd April 2005

On a perfect day for walking fifteen of us set off to do these two relatively easy munros. We began at the cairn at the top of Lochan na Lairige, about 10am, with everyone in good spirits enjoying the spring sunshine.  After we crossed the bogs we started the ascent of Meall Chorranich reaching the summit about 11.45am.  On the summit Alan, as usual was entertaining everyone, and the banter was good, the rest was further enhanced when he produced a bottle of wine to toast his and Kathryns little Craggy to be.

Then Mr Banana Skin Remover appeared, and found a banana skin apparently discarded by one of us.  With a look of disgust he threw it among us muttering about it "belonging to one of us".  "How did he know it was one of us?", said John, with half a banana hanging from his mouth and guilt written all over his face.  Then we set off over a wide ridge to the summit of Meall A Choire Leith, by now the sky was clear and the light was good providing us with some excellent views, here we had another short rest and some more photos taken before heading down the southwest slope and over the bogs back to the cars, total time of walk five hours.

Everyone seemed to have enjoyed it, as I did, and the only thing to do now was to head for the nearest pub.  A perfect ending to a perfect day.  My thanks to all who came along.

Michael Buchanan


Photos: Stephen Browning

Affiliated to:

Mountaineering Council of Scotland
Scottish Youth Hostels Association

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