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Report on Ben Vane
20 August 2011

Seven of us met at Irene?s house and left for Loch Lomond around 09.30am.The day started cloudy with promises of high winds and buffeting? however this was not to be and we enjoyed some nice sunshine and clear views down the loch.

Maureen organised the walk and suggested that as the road leading to the start was tarmac we could all take our bikes. This was not as easy as we first expected and whilst many battled on up the hill? Irene and I tackled it at our leisure? walking half the way : ) Michael caught up with us after heading off up another hill? luckily he wasn?t too tired and we headed up to meet with the others to start out climb.

Following chaining up our bikes on the wee bridge we started out steep ascent? this went on? and then on? and more on and was followed by one or two false summits lol?. I will not repeat what Mark had to say about that? However we all made it to the top? Kathryn and Allan striding on to find us a wee spot of shelter.
Mark had his usual nap whilst we all chattered around him? taking in the great views and eating the remainder of our lunches.

The way down was again steep with lots of muddy patches as we got closer to the bottom? Kathryn almost lost a boot however all was well. The sun continued to shine and we spent some time sitting by the wee stream, whilst Maureen enjoyed a refreshing foot spa? accompanied by one or two wee midges.

The cycle back to the cars was a great relief? fast and windy roads added that wee bit of excitement and we were back at the cars in no time at all. Thank you to the guys for their muscle building efforts lifting all the bikes over the rather large gate : 0

We finished our day off in Ardlui with a wee drink and good conversation.. Some of us staying on for a wee feed : ). Michael, Irene and Mark had other plans for dinner and left a wee bit earlier.

All in all this was a great day out. Good choice Maureen! : )

Gillian Agnew

looking back
cycling along the track
Sloy Dam and Ben Vorlich
summit of Ben Vane
approaching the summit
chaining up the bikes
Maureen cooling her feet
Ben Vane
bikes on bridge
Maureen heading uphill
looking downhill
Irene pushing her bike
having a wee rest

Photos: Gillian Agnew

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Mountaineering Council of Scotland
Scottish Youth Hostels Association

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