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Report on Yorkshire Dales - part 2
6 November 2011

Today?s Craggys were:- Gail, Irene, Mark and Robin

Sun 6th Nov


We headed north east out of the village of Malham passing Gordale Bridge then north along the track to the Gordale Scar.

Gordale Scar is a spectacular gorge, complete with waterfalls, cut right into the limestone hillside. The gorge was produced by water from melting glaciers sometime over the last three million years. The wet limestone rocks were slippy so Gail and I decided not to continue but Robin and Mark climbed the waterfall with no problem. We shouted to each other where to meet up later as the boys disappeared into the gorge. Gail and I sat by Gordale Beck in the sun for a while having an early lunch.

Robin and Mark continued up to the remains of a Roman Camp and on to Street Gate where they napped in the sun waiting for us to catch up. Gail and I were in no hurry especially since we came across a burger van at Gordale Bridge that we couldn?t pass without having a tea and coffee. We headed west along the path on the hillside then reached a road, turned north till we met up with the guys at Street Gate.

We continued north passing Great Close Scar and south along the banks of Malham Tarn. At Low Trenhouse there was an ice cream van so again it seemed impossible to pass without buying cones. Why are there no burger or ice cream vans where we usually walk in Scotland?

We continued along the track until we descended down a steep and slippy path which eventually arrived at the spectacular Malham Cove. Malham Cove is a huge curving amphitheatre shaped cliff formation of limestone rock. The vertical face of the cliff is about 260 feet high. The top of the cove is a large area of limestone pavement. We watched climbers scaling the cove walls which looked scary.

After spending some time on the top of Malham Cove we descended down the west side of the cove and back to Malham.

Today?s walk was more interesting than yesterday due to the variety of landscape with the sun shining all day.

A good weekend was had by all and we are sure to return to the Yorkshire Dales again.

Irene Cahill

heading out of Malham
Gail going towards Gordale Scar
getting closer to Gordale Scar
Gordale Scar
Robin and Mark climbing up the waterfall
Gail near Gordale Bridge
stone walls
Robin and Mark sleeping
Heading to Malham Tarn
Malham Tarn
Great Close Scar
Irene, Gail and Robin having ice cream
Looking down valley from Malham Cove
Malham Cove
Climbers on Malham Cove

Photos: Irene Cahill

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