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Report on Linda's daffodils
14 September 2013   (2232 views)

Our dear friend and hillwalking buddy, Linda Murchie from Arran, suddenly passed away a few months ago. To remember her we decided along with her family to plant daffodils at Coire Fhionn Lochain which was a place she loved. The reason we chose daffodils was because deer munch everything in sight but for some reason they don?t like the taste of daffodils.

We headed over to Arran and met up with Linda?s husband Ian and her family. We got lifts round to the start of the walk at Thundergay. It was a breezy and cold day but with good visibility. When we arrived at the lochain we took time to plant a bulb each and had a few minutes silence to have our own thoughts and memories of Linda.

Then some of us headed to walk on to Coirein Lochain horseshoe to Meall Biorach. This was an enjoyable walk and although tinged with sadness we all had a good day reminiscing to Linda?s family of her outings with us over the years.

We plan to go back around Easter to see if the daffodils are in bloom and have survived an Arran winter.

Irene Cahill

Views of Arran hills
Ian and Shirley
Irene and Alison
At the Lochain
Coirein Lochain
Planting daffodils
Jacqui and Maureen
Alison and Kenny
Views over the lochain
More views
Just about to decend
on the lochain beach
In memory of our dear friend Linda

Photos: Irene Cahill

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