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Report on Ben Challum
29 December 2007   (3437 views)

There?s Snow On Them Hills

Irene kindly arranged for us to meet at the 2nd lay-by 5km from Crianlarich at 10am. After waiting there for 15mins with Michael, we discover it?s the third lay-by.

Anyway we had a fair number of folks willing to risk the fierce winds of this Munro. Irene, Michael, Gail, Robin, Maureen, Steve, Elaina and Paul. It was quite a gruelling walk especially with the fierce winds. Irene usually a plodder to the end admitted defeat as she wasn't feeling well and decided to go back. I would have joined her had I not been so proud. We reached the top, embraced the sacred Cairn and descended immediately. The wind was so strong and there was only two hours of daylight left. There was some good snow but not enough for a good sledge. Not unless you are prepared for a bruised coccyx.

Not a difficult mountain to navigate though as there was a boggy path with a continuous fence. Not the case for Michael and Steve though. With their maps, compasses, GPS, endless experience and training days managed to drift off to some less known hillside. We reached the base in one piece though it was dark and took seven hours instead of the predicted four.

Then to the haven of the Drovers Inn for the most deserved lager.

Thank you, Irene, for once again organising a walk, so giving us stories to tell the grandchildren.

Maureen Powell

first stop
down to kirkton farm
looking cold at summit
more snow
Robin getting blown about
Maureen and Elaina
Guess who
lots of snow
Gail and Irene
sun coming out
a huddle

Photos: Maureen, Robin, Irene, Steve and Elaina

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Mountaineering Council of Scotland
Scottish Youth Hostels Association

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