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Report on Tinto
27 December 2008   (3129 views)

Girls Day Out on Tinto

Present:- Kathryn, Maureen, Dorothy, Gail, Jacqui and Irene

Jacqui and I arrived at the carpark for 10am, Dorothy and Gail were there before us. It was freezing outside so we all decided to pile into my car with the engine on so the heater would keep us warm until Kathryn and Maureen arrived. They were only a few minutes late and parked a couple of cars behind us but as it was cold we decided not to get out of the car till they were ready. The only problem was they didn't know we were there because the car park was so busy and they didn't recognise my new car. So as they froze we were nice and cosy.

It was a perfect day for walking. Freezing cold, no wind, clear blue skies, sun shining, and good visibility. The carpark was busy because there was a race on where the competitors had to run up and down part of Tinto, jump on their bikes and cycle for 25 miles then run to the summit and down again..........mad or what!!!!

As this turned out to be a girls day out we chattered non stop.......surprise surprise! We just took our time and headed up the usual tourist route which doesn't involve anything too strenuous. Just near the top I happen to notice a piece of paper on the ground which turned out to be a nice little earner. Some poor soul must have dropped it from their pocket but to us it was like a windfall. There was no-one around but we had passed many folk on their way down so collectively we decided it was a late Christmas present and it would go into the kitty for our meal later. As you will have noticed I have not mentioned how much it was worth so please don't contact us to claim it back as you are too late!!!

At the summit the views were impressive. We stopped for lunch in a cairn but soon the cold made us move on. We headed over to Scaut Hill then crossed the Kirk Burn heading north west to eventually meet up with the path again and back to the cars. It took us approx 4 hours.

Gail and Dorothy headed home but the rest of us had a meal in New Lanark since it was Christmas......any excuse!

We hope you all had a Happy Christmas and wish everyone a prosperous New Year.

Irene Cahill

Upwards and onwards
View of surrounding countryside
Girls day out to Tinto
From the summit
freezing lunch
Frozen Jacqui
more views
looking back towards Tinto
blue sky
5 girls and a ghost
cold and frosty
Jacqui and Kathryn

Photos: Irene Cahill

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Mountaineering Council of Scotland
Scottish Youth Hostels Association

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