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Report on Northern Ireland Trip (4)
25 May 2009   (3778 views)

Well, as you can imagine, there were a few light heads this morning. Mine was definitely one of them. After breakfast we packed up our belongings for the last time and Malcolm took up the driving again as we headed for the start of today?s walk which would take us along the cliffs at Fair Head. Mark, Malcolm, Kenny and Aileen stayed on the bus as we started our walk; the intention was that they would park the bus at the end of the walk and walk back to meet us. Aileen even came out of retirement to walk too but after seeing Malcolm sliding over the rocks, she swiftly turned round and went back to the bus. It was a bit misty and the strong breeze helped to clear our heads but it was a really nice walk and the rain stayed off until about the last ten minutes. We had a quick change back at the bus and then ate our lunch before setting off along the coastal route which took us through Cushendun and Torr Head. Now this was scary. Malcolm handled the bus very well along narrow roads and round tight bends with cars coming in opposite direction forcing him to reverse. I swear that man is a saint. I didn?t hear him curse once. We eventually got to the ferry and although we were there for ages, we were forced to be the last on the ferry.
We were all very tired on the boat journey but were cheered up by Mark announcing the winner of the quiz. Jacqui was first, Irene was second, I was third, Lydia was fourth, Linda was fifth and Aileen was sixth. Mark had a prize for each of us and even the three who hadn?t handed in their sheet got a booby prize. It was a great end to our trip and every one of us had a great time. Mark had really done us proud again. What a star! If Mark decides to organise another trip next year then I would recommend getting your name down early. It is a fantastic weekend. Thanks Mark for organising it and big thanks too, to Malcolm and Kenny for all the driving.

Dorothy McGhee

on the coastal walk
towards Fairhead
Fairhead cliffs
Irene at lochan
Aileen at prizegiving
Linda at prizegiving
Lydia at prizegiving
Dorothy wins 3rd prize
Irene is runner up
Jacqui is the quiz champion

Photos: Irene Cahill

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