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Report on Wedder Law and Gana Hill
18 December 2009   (3471 views)

Today's Craggy Crew:-

Irene, Hilary, Robin and Greg(from ScottishHills).

Date: 18.12.09
Distance: 15km
Ascent: 500m
Time 5 hours.

Irene was on holiday this week, so we decided to get a walk in together in the Southern Highlands, we were joined by Greg and Robin.

Irene has walked before around the Lowther Hills, I have done a couple of walks around here, but this was Greg's first go at the Donalds and Robin was new to this area too.

We met in a carpark on the main road, and all piled into my hubby's jeep, which I had "borrowed".

The road down to Kirkhope along the side of the Daer Reservoir is pretty ropey on a good day, today it would be snow covered. Mind you, we nearly didnt get very far, as a one eyed farm dog planked himself in the middle of the single track road and wouldn't budge.

Poor Greg was given the task of removing the pooch, which was by now licking the front tyres.

An omen perhaps!!

Our plan was to park as near to Kirkhope as we could, then take the track that goes all the way to the top of Wedder Law (how very convenient),

And thats just what we did, the excellent track was pretty icy, but made the climb to the top very relaxed and thoroughly enjoyable, this side of the hill was pretty protected from the wind.

I enjoy the odd trip down here, you can walk forever without a care in the world. The only concern being "where's the top"? No luxury of a cairn! We decided a single fence post was at the correct height for the summit of Wedder Law, so that was the cairn.

Our nice wee track had now expired and the walk to Gana Hill was over rough semi frozen ground, and it caught the wind, making it hard to walk brrrrriskly.

There is a cairn on Gana Hill, not at the highest point though. We were very surprised to be able to see the sea!! None of us could figure out where this would be, but it turns out to be just south of Ayr.

We had hoped to take in Earncraig Hill as well, but would probs have had to walk out in iminent darkness, and face the snowy drive along the reservoir in the dark, i didnt fancy that, so enough was enough for today. Queensberry could also be added on a longer day.

Amazing how snow becomes your friend on the way down, we enjoyed the descent.

Back at the jeep, I was very glad we hadnt gone on, the tracks through the snow that we had made in the morning had iced over and I was very glad there was still light. But at least the dog had gone.

A fine winter walk in the southern uplands, really enjoyed both it and the company. Well done on your first Donalds Greg, quite what he made of it after his recent adventure on Aonach Mhor, well, variety is what makes this game so wonderful.

Hilary Neilson

On the icy bridge
Hilary the photographer
Wedder Law
Heading to Gana Hill
Daer Reservoir
Gana Hill summit
Descent from Gana Hill
Gana Hill

Photos: Irene Cahill and Hilary Neilson

Affiliated to:

Mountaineering Council of Scotland
Scottish Youth Hostels Association

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