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Report on Glen Afton
10 January 2010   (3320 views)


Getting to the start of the walk was a bit of an ordeal in itself as we had to push and shove Mr Duff?s van through the snow and up the hill to the parking area.
Gaiters on, we set off over the fence for the climb up Craigbraneoch Rig ? the snow was deep ? up to our thighs in places! Tough work ? burning off plenty of calories.
After an hour of steep climbing we reached the summit ? cold and windy but with nice views down Glen Afton and over towards Windy Standard. The Afton Dam below the hill was completely frozen over ? may not see that for another year or two!
We then set off towards Cannock hill ? tough work as we had to cut the trail through the snow. A brief rest at the top then the steep descent ? sliding down in the snow towards the dam.
Back on level ground we then made our way around the dam and back to the cars/van at the waterworks.
The walkers then rewarded themselves with beer and food in Mauchline on the way home!

Present: Kevin, Kenneth, Mark, Fraser, Irene, Denise, James

Mark Kinnon

Denise with giant icicle
steep hill
Fraser, James and Denise
some of the gang
headng phill
tired feet
Denise having a rest
Irene the snowman
Through the forest
The Craggy Crew
Snowy hill
More snow

Photos: Irene Cahill

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Mountaineering Council of Scotland
Scottish Youth Hostels Association

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