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Report on Seamill Walk
Tuesday 2nd January 2006

Eight of us set off on the footpath from the Seamill North shore which leads up to the back road between Ardrossan and West Kilbride last Tuesday (Debbie, Irene, Jackie, Alan, Kathryn, Niamh and Mike and myself).  We had a lucky wee window of nice weather and were all glad to take a break from eating and drinking (well most of us were).

We reached the top of Law Hill about 1 o'clock and had lunch and refreshments (a cheeky wee red wine provided by Alan) there and then set off for Blackshaw Hill.  It was pretty muddy underfoot and I did myself a nasty injury climbing over a fence - I now have a huge bruise somewhere that the sun doesn't shine.

When we came off Blackshaw Hill Irene and Jacqui waylaid the expedition to go off on one of their geocaching hunts and the treasure was successfully located by a complete novice - namely me!

We were now tantalisingly near the Windmills so we went up to see them at close hand; by now the sun was getting low in the sky so we began to make our way back down to the cars. On the way Irene saw someone she knew from Stevenston flying a plane - that girl has got some eyesight!

The cars were so near the Merrick that it would have been rude not to pop along there for a wee refreshment and we certainly don't like to be rude.

We spent about 4 hours out on the hills, had some lovely coastal views, found a buried treasure and were entertained with some animal impressions by little Niamh - altogether a good day out.

Anne McGuire

westkilbride hills
westkilbride hills
westkilbride hills
westkilbride hills
westkilbride hills
westkilbride hills

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