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Boots Across Scotland Event - Glenshee
Sunday 6th June 2004

Lochnagar, Cairn Bannoch & three others!

And so after much advanced planning that would have done the original D-Day proud nine members of the club arrived at the Spittal of Glenshee Hotel on Saturday evening.

However, plans to arrive earlier were thwarted by horrendous traffic on the M8 and the decision to drive through Perth at 5 o'clock in the afternoon.

After the initial reaction to our cosy sleeping arrangements we were thankful that there were only nine of us rather than a full compliment of twelve which would have made it very cosy!

After a buffet meal in the hotel (bar meals stop at 5.30pm in this part of the Highlands!) we were "entertained" by the "live" music. I use those words reluctantly! At times like this we really missed our own entertainment for the troops, but unfortunately Alan was missing in action. Which was a shame as he would have had a captive audience of ladies of his favourite age - lets just say that most of them probably remembered D-Day!

A relatively early night saw most of us up in plenty of time for the pre-arranged early breakfast - if only someone had told the aforementioned pensioners - must be the memory of queuing for rations!

Seven of us set off for Spittal of Glenmuick in two cars taking around 45 minutes. Initially we were going to split into two groups, one doing Lochnagar, the other going clockwise to do Cairn Bannoch. However, given the good weather we decided that we would all do Lochnagar, and those who wished to would carry on to do the whole round of five Munros.

Setting off at around 9.30 we made good progress with glimpses of Lochnagar and Meikle Pap in the distance. Eventually the full splendour of the cliffs of Lochnagar came into view and some of us climbed Meikle Pap for an even better view and the now obligatory panoramic photo. From here we climbed around the cliffs eventually reaching the summit of Lochnagar at around 1 o'clock.

And so decision time - Kathryn, Michael and I decided to go for the full circuit while Jacqui, Alison, Carol-Ann and Ginge took a return route via Loch Muick.

We made good progress on to Carn aChoire Boidheach, a such insignificant hill that none of the three of us were convinced we were actually on the Munro. So much so that we forgot to take a photo - just as well it wasn't the one we had to do!

On towards Carn an-t Sagairt Mor but not before a short stop for lunch. On setting off we (sorry, I mean Kathryn!) decided to take the direct route. On reflection it was the right thing to do but at the time it was a long slog!

And so we set off for the Munro we had actually volunteered to do, Cairn Bannoch. The last Munro, Broad Cairn followed. Again, both of these must involve the absolute minimum of descent and ascent required for a Munro. In front of us was one of widest paths I'd seen in the Highlands, more reminiscent of the Lake District. No danger of getting lost then, but it was a long walk along Long Muick back to the car. A fair speed was set, explained by Kathryn's sudden disappearance into the Ladies at the car park! At least it got us back to the car at 6.15pm giving us plenty of time to get back to the hotel for dinner and a few well earned beers. Having done our bit we can only hope that all the other Munros were climbed.

Steve Morley

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Carin Bannoch
Loch Muick
The Fairy
Photos: Jacqui Miuir and Steve Morley

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Mountaineering Council of Scotland
Scottish Youth Hostels Association

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