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Boots Across Scotland Event - Glenshee
Sunday 6th June 2004

We first heard about the Smile Across Scotland event in November, when we held a winter safety lecture by Boots Across Scotland. We thought our club could take part and offered to do Munros in the Glenshee area. We were asked if we could do 8 Munros so we had to divide into smaller groups to ensure we achieved this.

Spittal Inn
Photo: Robin Menzies        
9 of us stayed in the bunkhouse at the Spittal of Glenshee Hotel with Diren and Ginge taking the better option of staying in the hotel itself. We were in a room with 6 bunkbeds that were so close together some us had to turn sideways to manoeuvre between beds. Unfortunately Brian and Caroline had to cancel at the last moment which may had saved us from suffocating during the night, due to lack of oxygen, with so many people staying in such a small room!

On our first night in the hotel, which was decked out in tartan, we were surrounded by busloads of elderly English tourists. The ‘entertainer’ initially broke his organ, which I don’t think made any difference to his performance! He played every Scottish Hogmonay tune we had ever heard of along with the ‘Hokey Cokey’.

Steve, Alison, Stephen, Jacqui, Carol-Anne, Kathryn, Irene, Robin, Michael, Diren, Ginge all stayed for the weekend. We were joined for the day by Keith, Nita, Rhona, Norma, Joe, Nicola, Michael, Tom, Hamish and Gary.

The second night was much quieter in the hotel so Jacqui pretended to be Anne Robinson and organised the Weakest Link quiz. Kathryn learned that you don’t joke with Michael and tell him he couldn’t get into her pyjamas because he can as we all witnessed this when he came into the bar dressed in them! Stephen was renamed Forrest Gump because he decided to run a route over 5 Munros on his own…….run Forrest run!!!

Yet another successful event and details of the total raised by the club will be added to the website over the next few weeks.

Irene Cahill

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